With Covid-19 requiring much of the world to be inside their homes without access to commercial gyms, many have taken a newfound interest in the world of fitness. Millions of people across the globe purchased at-home workout equipment to get a workout in when they had no choice. Impromptu squat racks, dumbbells, you name it were being either purchased or created with their own ingenuity.

Fitness clothing brands saw a slight decline in sales due to most people not really caring what they had on during their workout, since they weren’t out in the public eye. But other areas saw an increase in sales such as bodybuilding SARMs, supplements, and personal fitness training. With personal trainers specifically, they were able to adapt and conduct personal training over the web via Zoom, even group sessions were happening with people paying top dollar for these services.

There is no doubt that the world is forever changed, just will these changes stick for the long term? Time will only tell, but you can be assured that many new companies will be born from the rubble that resulted in the shutdown. There are new market demands present in the fitness world as well as many other industries worldwide.