How To Help Kids Sleep Better At Night

How To Help Kids Sleep Better At Night


  1. Remind kids to relax with an egg timer


When you are developing a new bedtime routine for children, using a timer is a great way to keep them on track.


  1. Have kids follow a consistent sleep schedule every day of the week


Don’t allow children to stay up too late or to sleep in on the weekends. Disruptions like these can erase all of the progress that they are making during the week.


  1. Avoid stimulating activities before bed


In the hours leading up to bedtime, focus on quiet activities. Try to keep kids calm. Limit the use of electronic devices, as well. The blue light from electronic screens can trick the body into thinking that it is daytime, which can make falling asleep more difficult.


  1. Reward children for good behaviour


When kids successfully stick with their bedtime routine, consider providing them with a small reward. For instance, if they brush their teeth or if they manage to stay in bed after the lights are shut off, give them a chance to choose what music you listen to when driving to school the following day.


  1. Create a good environment for sleep


Don’t make loud noises in the rest of the house after your kids go to sleep. Turn the volume down on the TV and speak in low, quiet voices. Ensure their mattress is comfortable, find the best mattress reviews here.


  1. Maintain a calm demeanour


A lot of times, kids have trouble staying in bed. If they get up, simply return them to bed without getting upset. Arguments or lectures late at night can make it even harder for them to sleep.


  1. Dedicate an hour to getting ready for bed


The entire hour before bed should be carefully structured to promote better sleep. Following a routine like this provides predictability that makes it easier for kids to relax.


  1. Use white noise to block out sounds


Running a fan at night or using a white noise machine is a great way to keep noises inside your home from distracting sleeping kids.


  1. Provide a gentle experience when waking up your kids


Rather than a loud alarm, gently raise the blinds to allow light to come in and turn off the white noise. Gently starting the day reduces the likelihood of tantrums later on.


  1. Give kids plenty of time to get ready in the morning


When choosing what time your children should wake up, leave plenty of time. This will keep mornings from feeling too rushed, reducing stress.


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