How to Fight with Coronavirus ?

We are all citizens are suffering with the New Disease name Coronavirus (Covid-19).  Everyone wants to know  for How to Fight with Coronavirus ? Everybody scared with Coronavirus (Covid-19), and effecting daily necessary needs. Due to Coronavirus disease  (Covid-19) everybody wants to escape himself with this Disease. So, it is very difficult to fulfil their basic needs which are using daily routine.  Because this disease spreading with the touch of anybody who is already suffering with this Coronavirus (Covid-19).  Undoubtedly shutting down of Vegetable Market will greatly affect our daily use needs.

See the latest report on universal things are affecting.  In this case the novel coronavirus can be spread fast in Sabji Mandi because of cash transactions. In this way it is very necessary to pay online transactions. As such we can prevent us with the How to Fight with Coronavirus ?

How to deal with our daily life in novel coronavirus? Digital Payment

Door to Door Services for escaping from social meeting. It is a best way for How to Fight with Coronavirus ?

Smart shopping is so simple and easier way to to deal with novel coronavirus.  Therefore we are offering door to door service around range of 10 Km. Moreover we are using digital payment system to maintain transaction because there can be danger in cash transaction also. Even we have to try to avoid any kind of touch with another.  Though we can escape our live from novel coronavirus (Covid-19), and also we can fulfill our basic needs without any fear of  novel coronavirus. In such a situation, we can also run our daily life smoothly by supporting the decision of Lock Down taken by our honourable Prime Minister (Narendra Modi Ji).

Digital Pay is the Best Way to Protect Everyone to touching with others

Following are the type of online transactions (Digital Pay)

10 Types of Digital Payment Methods in India

  1. Banking cards
  2. USSD
  3. Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AEPS)
  4. UPI
  5. Mobile Wallets
  6. Bank pre-paid cards
  7. Point of Sale (PoS)
  8. Internet Banking
  9. Mobile Banking
  10. Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM) app

In this way we can protect our live and our family’s Life very easily, by the spreading of novel coronavirus.  Apart from this, all of us should chase together to tell all the members of our own family about digital payment. As such we can maintain social distancing totally that’s why we can support us and our family.  At this time the biggest thing that we will all play a very big role in fighting How to Fight with Coronavirus ?

How to deal with our daily life in novel coronavirus? Digital Payment

Finally we do not have to rush anywhere because we can fulfill our basic needs by sitting at home. For this reason How to Fight with Coronavirus ?  We all have to make Digital Payment and we have to learn all family members.


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