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The Indian subcontinent is blessed with a vast range of colorful clothing options for women, but none can be compared with the saree in beauty. The saree is an integral part of the Indian culture, it is a long flowing garment that hugs the body, in such a beautiful and appealing manner. It is often worn with a petticoat and a well contoured bodice called the choli. It comes in traditional and fashionable styles, with vast range of colors and draping patterns, there are a lot of options you can explore. Are you looking to get a sari that will give you a perfect fit? Well, SHAHIFits is here to help to Buy Sarees online at SHAHiFits

At SHAHiFits, we offer a large collection of sarees, you will definitely get what you are looking for in our showcase. What is the occasion? You just let us know what you want, and we will have it delivered to you. Our collections are a blend of style, trend, and quality. Yes, quality is guaranteed at SHAHiFits fits, we have several testimonials from past happy customers. Plus we deal at the best prices in the market, what more can you ask for?

We also like to keep our customers up to date with the latest sharee trends, to serve as a shipping guide.

Latest saree styles for you

If you love to look trendy and keep up with fashion, then you wouldn’t want to miss out on the latest sari styles in the market now. Most of the sarees and choli in this collection are a blend of subtlety and elegance. With different textures, colors and fabrics to choose from, stand out at the party with a perfect fit for yourself off this collection. Well, here are some of the latest designs such as lace sarees, rich velvet saree

High neck choli: sophisticated and classy. It is a perfect suit for both traditional and fashionable sarees.

Rich velvet sari: nothing says royalty more than a rich velvet sari. Look queenly in this stunning option. It is perfect for wedding occasions.

Belted saris: this is one of the most invoke trends. A belt is worn around the waist to show off the body in a skinny manner, and embolden the waistline. If the occasion is dinner, then this is a perfect choice.  Concept saris: Indian sari with a western touch, this would definitely make you look good.

Now that we have seen some latest styles trending in sari fashion, let us go further to help out with another major issue normally encountered in trying to buy a saree.

Tips to buying a saree according to body type

Here, we will answer the question, what type of saree will be good for my body type? SHAHiFits are passionate about helping customers get the best shopping experience.

Slim women: for slim women, heavy sarees are most appropriate, heavy silk, cotton or brocade. Also, choose sarees with beautiful and large embroidery.

Plump women: go for the chiffon texture fabric, light cotton, silk, or georgette  Also, ensure to properly drape the body in a manner that the saree is not too loose on you.

Tall women: go for the sarees with the heavy colors and broad borders, and pretty large prints, of silk or cotton fabric. Net and lace sarees will also look good on you.

Short women: go for the lighter colors, less pronounced and smaller prints, and shorter borders. Ensure to drape the saree close to your body to avoid it looking too bulky on you. Chiffon fabrics, as well as Georgette, silk or crepe will suit you properly.

SHAHiFits likes to ensure we have you covered on all sides, therefore, next we will be looking at various tips for choosing sarees based on the occasion.

Tips on choosing sarees based on occasions at SHAHiFits

Whatever the occasion, you have to ensure you are not doing it wrong, you have to wear sarees appropriate for every occasion, we are here to help you with tips to make this happen. Here are some of them:

Weddings: the royal, rich and heavy sarees are best appropriate for wedding and party occasions. You can go for kachipuram pattu, banarasi or mysore sarees, although these sarees are more expensive, they will definitely make you look queenly, elegant and gorgeous.

Festivals: silk or cotton designer sarees, whichever you choose, with a subtle look, should be appropriate for festivals.

Office: you would want to be comfortable for work, hence go for lighter sarees, with smaller embroidery prints and more subtle colors. Also, ensure drape the sarees to your body properly and pin them up.

Travel and outdoor events: go for Georgette or chiffon, light and synthetic sharees, as you would want something comfy on for travels. Also, choose lighter colors with lesser embroideries.

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