Found a Biggest crocodile in world

An Australian biggest crocodile in world with sea water (Crocodylus porosus), is the largest crocodile in captivity with a height of 5.48 m (17 ft 11.75 inches). The Australian saltwater crocodile is the largest and most formidable of the modern species. Furthermore representatives of this species can live more than 100 years, and can grow up to 7 m (23 feet) and weigh more than 1 ton (1.1 tons)! So, let us read this post and enjoy and update with new updated true post.

biggest crocodile in world

biggest crocodile in world

In the Australian wildlife zoo Marineland Melanesia on Green Island, there are currently over 50 crocodiles, from young creatures to more mature individuals such as Cassius. Cassius is about 100 years old, he is the largest crocodile ever caught in Australia and is considered a man-eating crocodile. In 1987, In fact he was taken by truck from about 3,200 km (1,988 miles) from the northern territories of Australia to Green Island.


5 biggest crocodiles ever recorded

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Size: 18 feet 4 inches / 5.60 meters

Brutus is a sea-water crocodile or “Indo-Pacific” that lives in the Adelaide River in Australia. Also It is reported that he has only 3 limbs after a possible collision with a bull shark, and it is currently unknown if he is alive or not. Some people think that he was killed by the Dominator crocodile. So have to look on another big crocodile and also find out more about crocodile

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Bujang Senang

Size: 19 feet 3 inches / 5.88 meters. Bujang was a colossal saltwater crocodile living in Borneo. He was known as a cannibal, reportedly going out to hunt and killing victims for more than 30 years. He was killed on May 20, 1992.

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Size: 19 feet 6 inches / ~ 6 meters. Gustav is a large Kiel crocodile located in Burundi. Moreover he is one of the worst crocodiles. According to local residents, he killed about 300 people on the banks of the Ruzizi River and on the shores of Lake Tanganyika. Gustave is estimated to be over 70 years old, bur his weighs about 1 ton. He is the largest confirmed crocodile ever seen in Africa.

Scientists claim that its huge size makes it difficult to hunt those species that are usually hunted by Nile crocodiles, such as fish, antelope and zebra. Instead, he attacks big wildebeest, hippos and humans.

Some think that he really killed him

Size: 20 feet / 6.1 meters. The dominator is a saltwater crocodile patrolling the Adelaide River in Australia. It has never been officially measured, but is estimated at 20 feet in length. He shares territory with our crocodile No. 5, Brutus (and some think that he really killed him). So, we can’t say about them.

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Size: 20 feet 3 inches / 6.17 meters. This massive saltwater crocodile weighed 2,370 pounds (1075 kg) and was the largest crocodile ever captured. At the time of the seizure, it is estimated that it was about 50 years old. Lolong was captured on September 13, 2011 from a creek in the Philippines. The local government and residents hunted the crocodile for three long weeks after suspicion that he had killed a fisherman and a young girl. It took almost 100 people to secure it and pull it to the ground, So,  Because without the help of people.  This crocodile was difficult to catch.

Just a few days before the crocodile was captured.

The crocodile was named after the crocodile hunter Ernesto “Lolong” Goloran Cañete, who died of a heart attack just a few days before the crocodile was captured. That’s why the reason is heart attack for Lolong is not live.

It is believed that the largest crocodile ever recorded in the world was 7 meters long or 23 feet long! He was caught in India in 1926. Despite the fact that there are no confirmed records of this event, and also many wildlife experts believe that the largest crocodile ever existed had a length of 7 m (23 feet). It was found in the mangroves of Bhitarcanica, mangrove swamps in India, in 1926.

Guinness Book of Records already recognized biggest crocodile in world as the largest specimen.

This giant crocodile was shot by the then ruler of this region, who retained his skull. It is believed that the crocodile skull is one-ninth of its body, and the statement that the crocodile found in the Bhitarkanik mangrove forest was 7 m long can be explained by this fact. Although critics claim that the size of the skull found in the royal family of Kanik, its length could be from 6.1 to 7 m, and not necessarily 7 m, Moreover the Guinness Book of Records already recognized him as the largest specimen. So, The second largest species is the Nile crocodile with an average length of 4 – 5 m.

While 4–5.5 m is the average length for sea water types. In the wild, individuals with a size of 6 m are relatively common. Again, you will encounter several sources that claim that the largest specimen had a whopping 7 m or 23 feet. But is the existence of such a huge crocodile possible?


If you were surprised by a 7m crocodile. So, You need to look at the dimensions of some extinct crocodile species that inhabited the earth in prehistoric times. According to the fossil remains, the largest crocodile living on the planet was Rhamphosuchus, 18 m (60 feet) long. Also there were other species that had an average length of 12 m (40 feet); so, the most notable among them were the species of Deinosuchus, Sarcosuchus imperator and Purussaurus.

biggest crocodile in world

biggest crocodile in world

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